I’ve been giving this a lot of thought recently. Storytelling. This is something that for many years I subconsciously associated with words. Then my passion for the visual language broke out and I started seeing things differently.
Telling stories from one’s own life experiences is something delicate, something so private and sensitive. I believe social media nowadays makes it too easy for people to share anything private. I don’t fully support that. Or maybe there should be more information out there, maybe in schools, to make kids and people more sensitive to their own privacy and to how important that is.
That being said, telling stories that come from one’s personal life experience is also a magical thing, which interests me a great deal. It interests me because, of course, it can be done through the visual language.
I’ve been sharing some images through Instagram recently and I even did that on Facebook, years ago. Actually I think my Instagram posts also get shown on my Facebook photography page. However, I believe that completely relying on a social media platform to host the entirety of one’s visual stories is something that needs to be considered carefully. I want my stories to have a home, a unique home. Some place that’s only mine. A portion of the web, which is by all means physical as well, that anyone can reach and that I own and where I have full control on my content. Getting exposure is not my goal. I am doing this because I feel some sort of internal, intrinsic call to telling a story through images.
Maybe it’s an ancestral need that some of us feel. Or maybe we all have this but only some actually listen to it.
So this is what I’m going to do. I’m going to be telling visual stories here, on a WordPress website. I do want my social media profiles to expose what I have to “say”, but this will be their home, forever.
So yeah, I hope anyone who passes by will enjoy these visual fragments from my life.
Happy visual reading, you all.

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