This selection represents my most conceptual work that has Nature, its Elements and their interrelations as subjects. I like to represent this by means of dreamy, surreal, painterly scenes.

In the first piece, Sweet Sunset, I intend to put together kindred feelings and emotions from my love for nature and the overwhelming, melancholic sweet scent on a summer evening in the countryside, while wandering on a lonely path lost in the deep green by a lake or in meadows surrounded by hazy hills.
The second piece, Sinking Life, represents a state in Nature that also touches the human kind: Death. In this scene I saw the amazing, profound connection established by Nature within Nature: a tree, dead and dry, fallen into a pond, now all wet and cold, but still partly floating, some branches out of the water as if they were calling for help or trying to crawl. Dead Nature comes alive in so many details and scenes, hidden in everyone's vicinity.
The third image, Sweet Vision, has been made by means of a technique that involves a slight movement of the camera during a long exposure shot. The sense of the indefinite and unknown is what fascinates me the most. The motion blur is to me very much like capturing Time. Time moves in a way in Nature which is often invisible to the human eye, and perhaps sometimes more visible to a camera's lens.
Quartet is about Elements playing with Nature, so careless about humanity. Nature plays with its Elements too, even more carelessly. At times, Beauty is so enlightening in Nature's hidden and mysterious combinations, design, numbers. A camera can catch such beauty forever, and this is to me an immense gift from the Divine.
Lonely Dryness represents solitude in Nature. This tree stands lonely on a dry land, its brown branches contrasting with the cloudy blue-gray sky. Reiterating isolation and loneliness is the raven on the branch: it is there, maybe sharing this pure isolation for a moment, or a few minutes. The sense of the Unknown dominates the scene.
Calm Seascape was made using a variety of in-camera and post-processing techniques. Through this work, I wanted to achieve a sense of calm and tranquillity. The sea always had a calming effect on me. I love minimalism and minimal landscapes: looking at the horizon over a seascape, to me, makes for the perfect scene.
Painterly Tree is very personal: its painterly look represents my mood, emotions and attitude towards natural elements and scenes. The sense of the Unknown is here depicted by means of the fog in the background, so as to cover, hide what's behind and around.
Trees By A Lake was made on a very hazy, overcast winter afternoon by a lale. What attracted me was the play of complementary colors of autumn and the water's blue, matching the color of the hazy hills in the background. The light was already low, since it was February, which gave life and volume to the mist and the trees.

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