In this body of work, my intention is to use black and white to render an abstract view of paths in life, states and the interaction between natural elements and human states. 
Time, Youth, Life and Death are the main characters. This series is quite personal to me, since the main figures are people from my own family: my mother and my nieces.

Time In The Mirror
The two women in Time In The Mirror are my niece Giulia and my mother Stefana. So close to each other in life, to my eyes they represent Love winning over generational gapping, establishing bonds Time cannot break. ​​​​​​​
Selected for exhibition at Museo Nazionale della Fotografia in Brescia in Dec 14 2019 in occasion of the contest named "Connections".

Time On A Nightstand
This clock was given to me by my grandfather before he died. I loved making dynamic geometry play with the static protagonist, as to enhance the contrast between endlessly moving Time and the eternal stillness of a photograph. To me, this gives dynamic life back to what could be believed to be dead and buried.
Time And Youth
An hourglass held by a girl: Time in the hands of Youth. How many times have we wished we could turn back Time because we think we made wrong choices when young? This image represents Youth in someone's memory: she silently says Time is hers, she holds it and will use it as her free will says. The hourglass is so full: doesn't a lifetime ahead feel like eternity when we are young?
Chosen as book cover for Adamantine, by Naomi Foyle.
This image represents the wait, element so present in our life, almost to the point of pervading our entire existence. 
This is an abstract, yet organic representation of Death.
Natural Frames And Youth // Analogies
These two images above I like to present as a pair. I love playing with geometry and I love triangles. Geometrical relations are even stronger when they play with deeper relations and connections. Indeed, the two women are my niece Marta and my mother Stefana.
In the first scene, I love to observe how Nature created a natural heart-shaped frame around Marta. A natural, lovely frame lasted less than a second but captured forever.
Elements and Thought
This image to me encloses a deep relationship between the human presence, its steps leaving a mark on the natural landscape and the other natural elements. 

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