About Me

I’ve been in love with photography since a kid. Today, photography has become my greatest passion. I get inspiration from Nature, dreams, daydreams, concepts and beauty. In my works, I try to put this all together, conceiving conceptual, dreamy, at times surreal representations of beauty in nature. I am fascinated by the idea of Time, together with how man’s idea of it affected our perception, our experience of life and existence in this world. I believe if we accepted the idea that Time does not exist as such, our entire perception of life would change, opening our eyes to new ways of seeing what surrounds us. I’m in love with the sense of the Unknown, the great darkness that covers what the viewer can’t see or does not know. I try to represent this idea in many ways in my images. I find that missing visual information, realized by means of sometimes minimalistic imagery, is so intriguing for the human mind. The Unknown, empty spaces, dark settings lead the viewer to greater introspective personal interpretation, subjective completion of the scene, re-forged through the unique individuality of the viewer’s eyes and mind.