Death Of Reason
Reason Is Born Again

This two-piece body of work represents a history of reason. At times, life paths take us places where we get lost, and together with ourselves our values, beliefs, convictions and ability to judge. In Death Of Reason, everything is upside down: this image represents a human state in which even physics are questioned. In this scene, the protagonist is falling into a blue abyss in a world that is upside down. However, gravity still exists as we know it. At times, what we think we see painfully crashes into the real world, where everything is still taking its usual course, showing us nothing has changed and it was just a vision all along. And we may be taken back to life again. In Reason Is Born Again, the protagonist in white may recall the looks of a newborn. Accompanied by a white cloud, she is born again. The real world is warm, yet harsh; but solid and unquestioned.

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